Harry Fisher

Harry Fisher

Harry Fisher, bush chef and creator of Fire to Fork, is passionate about cooking gourmet food while out in the bush. For Harry, cooking and eating good food is a necessity in life, and as a passionate traveler and camping enthusiast, he sees no reason why you shouldn’t eat well while you’re camping.

Harry says he is very fortunate to have grown up with a mother who is a trained chef, and a father who loves being out in the bush. As a child he was taken on many camp trips and his mum not only made sure the family ate well, but that the kids grew up learning how to cook.

When Harry travelling and camping with mates, his love of bush cooking grew, and so did his repertoire of recipes. Harry says no matter where you are, you can cook and eat well.

From baking fresh bread, to cooking a perfect steak, to pulled pork – whatever you can make at home can also be made in the bush. Harry says he doesn’t mind using a camp oven when he’s cooking, but what he really likes is to rig up his own style of rotisserie and coo k the meat over the flames.

Cooking over fire gives a different flavor in the food with the smoke and the wood, and sometimes that makes all the difference. Harry says it’s easy to construct a simple spit over a fire and cook a roast , and one of his favorites is slow cooked hanging lamb.

Harry is also keen to try new things whenever he can, and sourcing ingredients from the land. He began Fire to Fork website and social media to share his experiences, and to encourage people to give it a go at cooking different things while out in the bush.

Harry is a special guest on the 4WD Adventure Show and always brings a unique flavour to his stories!