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Immerse yourself in the history, the serenity and the awesome beauty that makes this great state what it is. This is not a holiday program; this is an adventure. Get some red dirt on the car as we go on a 4WD Adventure in WA and beyond!

Latest Episodes


Season 4 Episode 16

Ronny is putting his driving skills to the test on a rollercoaster ride 4WD Track, while Tony and his mates are exploring WA’s goldfields!
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Season 4 Episode 15

While Ronny is teetering on the edge of out of control in the Bendleby Ranges, Mark is living it up catching dhufish off the coast of WA.
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Season 4 Episode 14

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Season 4 Episode 13

Real 4WDrivers aren't bothered by getting bogged - which is lucky for our boys this week!
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Season 4 Episode 12

It wouldn’t be a 4WD Adventure without a little drama, and drama doesn’t come much bigger than being alone and completely bogged in thick cold mud!
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Season 4 Episode 11

It’s the 4WD adventure that everyone has on their bucket list – muddy tracks, risky river crossings and best of all, epic views!

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