Mark LeCras

Mark LeCras

Before Mark LeCras became a superstar for West Coast Eagles, he was just an ordinary kid growing up in the WA coastal town of Cervantes, who spent as much of his spare time a s he could going fishing.

Mark’s family business is in crayfishing, so it goes without saying that fishing is in his blood. Starting from the days growing up when he used to steal his families boat to go out fishing on his own; to helping design his own family boat that he has custom built boat a few years ago; it’s proof that the ocean is where Mark feels most at home.

“My dad had this old tinny that he’d use every day, he’d take it out on the ocean and moor it before he went on the cray boats. I’d then swim out and pinch the boat and spend the day fishing. And I always had to make sure it was back in place before dad got back!”

“I still have that boat today and use it all the time. And I reckon it won’t be long before my kids pinch it off me!” Mark said .

“Fishing is definitely my passion, and every time I plan a trip, I always work it out around a particular fishing spot. I’ll work out where I want to go and what I want to catch, and then plan the 4wdriving and camping trip around that.”

“I really like chasing barramundi, and any barra fisherman knows that the goal is to catch one over a metre in length. I’ve done that twice, once in Port Hedland and the other time in Derby,” he said.

Since retiring from West Coast Eagles, Mark has been concentrating a lot on fishing and boating. Mark is more than happy to give his tips to anglers and chat about fishing, because he’s always on the look – out for new spots to go and new species to catch.

“I love the outdoor lifestyle, and want to do something to encourage more people to get out there and have a go. So if they can be inspired by what I’m doing, that’d be awesome!” he said.

“There’s always a new adventure out there, always something new to catch!” Mark said.