Ronny Dahl

Ronny Dahl

Ronny Dahl lives in suburban Western Australia and when he is not off travelling and filming, he’s just a regular husband and dad. But for audiences who are into camping, 4WDs, travel and the outdoors, Ronny is the guy who is living the life that everyone wants to have.

Like most people, Ronny loves getting away, and every chance he got would head out in his 79 Series to head offroad and camp. The more travelling he did, the more he learned. Mistakes he made and learned from, and the gear he never knew he needed, led Ronny to come up with his own tips on 4WDriving . In a time when the world wide web was not saturated with every second person uploading videos to their own youtube channel, Ronny created 4 Wheeling Australia – his own project that allowed him to upload his tips, his ideas, his thoughts on products, and of course to share his travel stories.

As his audience grew both here in Australia and overseas, Ronny left behind his trade and walked away from the daily job – site, and began taking 4 Wheeling Australia seriously. He found that by uploading videos that were completely real, no nonsense, unscripted and definitely not fake, that his viewers respected his honesty and appreciated the authenticity. Today Ronny Dahl’s 4 Wheeling Australia is one of the biggest overlanding channels on youtube in the world, and Ronny has big plans to keep travelling and exploring – and sharing his love of Australia with the rest of the world.

4 Wheeling Australia is an adventure for anyone who loves offroad 4wdriving, travelling and camping. 4 Wheeling Australia is the result of Ronny Dahl wanting to share his travel stories; his tips for off – roading, overlanding and 4 wheeling; opinions and reviews of different products; and his favourite destinations in the beautiful Australian outback.

With an ever – growing following on YouTube and other social media channels, Ronny Dahl has become a household name among 4wdrivers, and his honesty and authenticity is what sets him apart. His love of adventure, his respect for the natural environment, and his captivating photography and video images continues to keep his viewers coming back for more.

Ronny Dahl is joined on his adventures with his long – time friend Torbs. Two ordinary West Aussie blokes who have taken their passions a few steps further than most. Having spent the greater part of the last decade fitting out their rigs and touring some of the most remote areas of Australia, Ronny and Torbs have more than a few stories to share!